Your Ultimate Guide to the Cherokee Casino

Of all the Casinos in Las Vegas, the most exciting, wild is the Cherokee Casino. This is one of the only Casinos that is the original Casinos in the United States. The casino was built on the other side of the creek that is where the famous train station is. There is a ghostly story associated with the spot, which is based on the legendary Cherokee Indian ghosts.

The casino started off in the early 1900’s as a small favorite gambling establishment. There was just one other casino in the area, so it was really competing with a bunch of other casinos. At the time it wasn’t exactly clean and sanitary but that was because it was more of a residence for some local fish traders. The white settlement grew over the years and before long there were thousands of people here.

It wasn’t long before the locals came out in droves to the Cherokee casino to spend their weekend in a swanky casino town. The building was huge and although they had lots of living quarters the building still seemed to be over large for what it was designed for. The liveliest part of the building was when people would go for a barbecue.

The Cherokee casino was originally named the Wounded Knee and was supposed to be a memorial for the World War I battle of the same name. Native Americans fought each other in a war known as the Wounded Knee Massacre. It was a massacre carried out by the US military.

During the building of the Cherokee casino people were led to believe that they would become a grand casino. But, the location wasn’t just perfect but was so well positioned that it was far easier to move a casino than it was to move any sort of city. It was a huge convenience for the casino to have its own premises.

There were constant renovations and upgrades to the casino to make it livelier. It became a very classy place to be. A place for all the professional gamblers and their fans to gather to party and to play their favorite games.

Today the Cherokee Casino has re-built itself. It’s been transformed into a hotel now, but the place still functions as a casino. They haven’t left the town that they were born into yet and they continue to operate the casino at a new location.

When you’re playing at the Cherokee Casino, you should take the time to really get to know the people that are there. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better crowd that is friendly and fun.