Cherokee Casino Says OK Wrong

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Cherokee Casino Says OK Wrong

During the 1950’s the Rainbow River Valley was home to the first Cherokee Casino in the US. Clark Albert Ok, Sherman Wallace Ok, and Buford Lawrence Ok. The Cherokee Creek Casino and Hotel operated on the banks of the L.E. Cherokee Creek.

This Casino was the hub of African American life in Cherokee County, but the clubbing and casino culture which surrounded it was characterized by debauchery and extravagance. It was a vibrant community, but it was not without its dark side.

This past May a grand jury issued its final report in the Okla. Casino Grand Jury investigation, finding the casino operated in an unlawful manner. I think we can safely say that everyone has had a very difficult time dealing with the Oklahoman article and the cascade of stories, stories that I think are many and diverse.

The Oklahoman reported that to have the Cherokee Casino bring in revenue which was based on people who are unable to pay their taxes. Some folks who do not pay their taxes would pay a fee. The stated reason for these people to pay the fees was because they cannot pay their taxes.

If it was so bad, why would it be the Oklahoman that was the catalyst for the Oklahoman report. The Oklahoman article mentions things like illegal gambling houses, tax evasion, and tax evasion. While it is true that many people involved in these illegal gambling houses are African Americans who must pay the “debt” to the African American mafia. It’s only the damage that the Oklahoman article did to an already tarnished and deeply divided community.

The Oklahoma City Law Department is investigating, with the Cherokee Casino Manager, the Oklahoman article report. At the present time the Oklahoman article has had a chilling effect on the local residents, as they contemplate organizing a black casino or otherwise.

The Oklahoman article did cause a problem in many ways. It created a lot of bad feelings and created a rift between the Native American community and the African American community.