All About the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Hotel

The Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Hotel is located right in the heart of the Cherokee Nation. A twenty-one-minute drive from historic Pigeon Forge, this Casino Hotel offers all of the conveniences of city life, yet is still so close to the beauty of the Cherokee National Forest. Those who are visiting the Cherokee Tribe for a weekend or a short vacation will be thrilled to find a Cherokee Casino Hotel within the Cherokee Nation.

harrahs cherokee casino hotel

Guests at the Cherokee Casino Hotel can enjoy the very best of living in the wonderful mountain village that the Cherokee people have known for generations. Family fun such as canoeing and kayaking is available, as well as traditional Cherokee cuisine and beverages, including traditional cocktails. If you are interested in learning more about the history of the Cherokee people, the casino hotel also offers tours that you can take to learn about the many aspects of their culture.

Visitors to the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Hotel can also make sure that they are close to the activity centers that are available to them. There are many great activities for families to participate in. Many of these activities are perfect for children of all ages, and adults will find many activities for adults as well.

The famous Baccarat table, made famous by the famous Elizabeth Taylor, is found at the Cherokee Casino Hotel. Guests will find this beautiful casino table to be the centerpiece of their room. There are many other beautiful gambling tables located throughout the entire casino, and guests can choose from many different types of games. However, the Baccarat table is what makes this casino one of the most popular of the casino hotels in North Carolina.

Of course, gambling is not the only thing that visitors to the casino will find to do in this casino. There are other activities available to guests as well. Thereare hiking trails that provide visitors with an opportunity to explore the beautiful local area that surrounds the casino. Additionally, guests will find many opportunities to take in the wildlife that inhabits the area surrounding the casino.

Another attraction that is offered to guests is the Cherohala State Park. This park offers visitors with many opportunities to take in the scenic beauty of the area surrounding the casino. Those who visit the park will also be able to learn about the fascinating stories of the people who reside in the area, as well as the challenges that they face each day.

Even if you are not a casino player, there are other attractions available to you at the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Hotel. Guests will find that the restaurant at the casino offers a delicious selection of local food and many of the locals who work in the casino offer great service. So no matter whether you are looking for a game of blackjack, roulette, craps, or video poker, there is sure to be something to satisfy your desires.

The Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Hotel is another place where visitors to the Cherokee Nation can truly experience the essence of the Cherokee people. There are so many different things that you can do that you will never get bored. So make plans to visit the Cherokee Casino Hotel and take in all that it has to offer.